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An evening at the Rockzilla Gym

Afterwords, we went around the corner for beers and mexican food. The cold glasses tingled against my worked tips. My knuckles seemed to squeak and grind as my finger curled around the bottle. My forearms complained as I squeezed the lime, and my biceps joined in as I lifted the glass.

Tomorrow, my shoulders will protest when I reach over for the seat belt, and my lats will argue when I pull the belt to the buckle. And later my back will demand that I get out and move around, because it will be growing stiff from all the sitting from the drive to Alta Peak.

It was worth every Aleve.

Statistics: Rockzilla Gym. V0 x2, V0+ x1, V1 x2, V1+ x1, attempts on V1 and V2 boulder problems, and on 5.10b and 5.10b/c. Fall practice on the lead wall.


TNB at Rockzilla, Napa, Ca.

The clouds rolled in, the wind picked up, and the temperatures stayed low today. PG and I had planned a vague “outside climbing” trip to an undetermined location for today. Face with weather considered grim only by California standards we woke up to our alarm, looked out the window, and…
Burrowed down deeper into our warm down comforter and four down pillows to sleep in. How weak, eh?
Oh well. We did rally in the evening to take three of PG’s classmates – Anita, Jen, and Liz – to the nearest, and coolest, indoor gym: Rockzilla in Napa. PG swears that this place feels like Vertical World in Seattle before the move (from Fremont to the Locks). We haven’t been there more than once a quarter, but every time the owner Wayne greats us with a grin and a gruff, “Hey – where the hell have you been?!”
This was the first time PG’s friends have been climbing up anything, so we showed them a little about climbing, how to tie in, and belaying. They completely dug it. This semester their class has every other Tuesday off, so we nicked the Tuesday Night Bouldering title from Rock & Ice magazine.
In between keeping them from maiming themselves or others on the slabby beginner wall, I snuck in a few ascents on some V1 problems and 5.10b climbs. Felt pretty good about it too, until PG came by, waltzed up whatever it was that I had labored on, and called it, “5.9 for sure.”
After a fun three hours the girls were tired, so we zipped back to Vallejo for sodas and pizza at Napoli. Perhaps we didn’t wake up with the sun, but we didn’t completey give up the ghost, either.

Statistics: Rockzilla Gym, Napa, California. V0 x3, V1 x4, and 5.10b x3, with PG, Anita, Jen, and Liz.

banner photo: antarctica / mark allen

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