The White Board

I’m introducing a new feature today, “The White Board.” I nicked the idea from my friend Greg, who looked at the 5’x2′ white board that was hanging in my Incline Village digs, already filled with calendar dates, to do’s, and shopping lists, and said, “You should put this on the blog.”

I’m a huge fan of lists, and whiteboards let me make the ultimate lists – quick to fill, easy to read, always in my face. I have three in service right now – a daily to do 8.5″x11″ board sitting beside me right now, a 3’x4′ hanging in my Vallejo office with my running, bouldering, and climbing tick list spelled out, and my evolving board in Incline Village. This is something I hope to updating weekly.

I often get asked what I’m up to when I’m at home – since none of my neighbors see me working a regular job, I’m thinking that they’re thinking that I’m just sitting around watching the tele and drinking copious amounts of wine. Well, for the first installement of the whiteboard I thought I’d show you guys yesterday’s board, mid-day…


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