New stories soon, I promise

Sorry friends and family,
Life has been a little crazy for the past three weeks. Work has been busy enough, but two weeks ago my car had a critical breakdown, just days before my sister, her husband, and my two year-old nephew were coming to visit for a week. Now I’m back at work, but I had to spend all day catching up on my paperwork – even guides have to have an office day occasionally.
Its been a great three weeks. Snowed off of Lone Pine Peak and Mt Whitney, two first ascent climbs in Whitney Portal, and an incredible experience guiding an 11 year-old boy and his father to the summit of Mt. Whitney. Today I’m off to climb Mts. Thompson and Gilbert, but I hope to write more Thursday evening.
I’m also going to start a new Category – Guiding – to write about trip and business ideas I have. And I finally have some short fiction pieces that I want to add to the site, recovered from my external hard drive, which turned out not to be KIA after all.
Meanwhile, feel free to peruse my photos from the past three weeks at my Picasa Web Account.


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