Poll results: Blogger wins race

As Sara and I discussed in the commentary of the last post, I really like the look of the K2 template.  All my attempts to find a similar custom template for Blogger have failed.  But meanwhile, WordPress.com is too restrictive for a hosted blog – I want to be able to continue using Picasa for my photos and slideshows.

Of course, I can do this if I host my blog on a private server and switch to WordPress.org.  And I probably will – but not right now.  I have too much on my plate, with guiding and ski instructing.  It may happen this spring, but I’m not anticipating any major changes until this fall.

Until then, consider this a blog in stasis.  To keep up with me, check out my only active blog at climbskirun.blogspot.com.



Test Blog Up and Running!

OK, This is my experimentation with Word Press.  I really like the Page feature and the K2 Template, but I’d like to be able to change some things – width for example – and I’d like Word Press to be a little more user friendly.  This is a near-mirror-image of my current blog, ClimbSkiRun.blogspot.com.

Skip over to my Blogger site and there’s a poll in the sidebar (another widget not easily available here) to vote on which site you like more.  Decision will be made on 1 January 2009 for the new year.



Come ski with me at Alpine Meadows!

This winter marks a new step for me, and a tremendous opportunity for all of you. I’ve been hired by Alpine Meadows Ski Area in North Lake Tahoe, California, to be an “Alpine Ski Guide.” In the footsteps of Jackson Hole and Kirkwood, Alpine Meadows is starting a front- and side-country ski guide service for its guests.

Alpine Meadows was just listed as one of the 100 best backcountry resorts in the November issue of Backcountry magazine. Fat skis and randonee bindings are as common as not on the lift lines. And the backcountry skiing is impressive on all four sides of the area, especially the terrain to the south and west at Alpine and to the west and north at its sister resort, Homewood.

For my clients, this means they have a great opportunity to be introduced into backcountry skiing the most gentle way possible – by riding a chair up most of the elevation gain! We’ll also be able to ski in-bounds when the avalanche conditions close down the OB, or when someone needs to warm up before heading out. But this is California, one of the sunniest (and stable-est) places to ski!

Like the Ski Guide Services at Jackson Hole and Kirkwood, Alpine’s is starting from within the Ski School, and so days that I’m not requested to guide I’ll be teaching adult skiing classes and working on my Professional Ski Instructors of America Certifications. I’ll also be teaching AIARE Level I Avalanche classes with several local providers.

For rates, take a look at the Ski School page on Alpine Meadow’s website. If you’re surfing the Alpine Meadows website, the rates are listed on the same page as the private lessons. I want to point out that the rate is flat – up to 5 people can hire a guide and split the full-day rate 5 ways!

banner photo: antarctica / mark allen

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